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The Enchanted Isle

by Tubaee at 3:40 PM
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Welcome to the June/July edition of our Players of TEI!!!

There has been quite a few posts on the forums/twitter with amazing stuff made by you guys!

I'm going to show off just a few and link more throughout the post, LETS GET STARTED!


First off we have some cute drawings from forum user - @Ronnie Ronco

Very cute Ronnie! You can view all their images here -> http://www.officialtei.net/threads/5337/


Next we have forum user @iMagicBearYT and his (now working) Rollercoaster!

You can visit and have a ride on his plot on creative - /p visit Luckehhh


by Tubaee at 5:20 PM
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Its time to VOTE!!!!!

Video of the finished builds -

Vote here -> CLICK ME TO VOTE!
There are a few ways you can travel to these plots to see the builds yourself!

1. you can type into the chat /p tp (plot id) example is /p tp 100;100

2. you can type into the chat /menu then select the nether star (it says build challenge plots)

then select the plot number you were assigned.

Good Luck

Be Creative



Prizes -

- 500 Gems

- Head on Creative

- Head in Lobby (with name)

- Plot moved to Winner/NC Plot

- Award on Forums (if they are on forums)

- Build Screenshot Featured on Twitter

- Featured on /menu

Remember it was...
by Trustinlies at 9:12 PM
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HELLO EVERYBODY! Trust here with some info on what you guys can look forward to for our anniversary!

First off Happy Birthday TEI! As of Monday this week (the 20th) TEI is officially 2 years old. We have been through a lot in those 2 years which makes us reaching this point even more special. To commemorate this special occassion we will be offering Legend Rank from now until the end of the month. In addition, we are offering a 20% OFF EVERYTHING coupon, all you need to do is use the following code at checkout: 2YEARSOFTEI. This coupon will be valid until the end of the month as well.

We love our anniversary, I mean, it literally means we have been around for another 365 days thanks to your support. We went big with last year's anniversary by upgrading our entire network to 1.8 and giving all of our plugins a much needed overhaul (trust me, the original stuff was horrible). We also changed the the hub that you guys are now use to seeing every day and we launched a couple new...
by Trustinlies at 7:12 PM
(1,932 Views / 6 Likes)
Hey everyone! Just a quick update for everyone so you guys know what is going on.

With the release of 1.10 we scrambled yesterday to ensure we could support 1.10 clients as quickly as possible. As of last night we are allowing players using 1.10 client to connect to TEI and use Protocol (1.8) and Combat (1.9) servers. At this time we do not have any servers running 1.10, so 1.10 block, mobs, potions, effects, etc will not work, but the Autojump feature does ;).

We found out recently that Waterfall (what you connect to TEI on) no longer has functional 1.7 support. That being said, the Waterfall team is currently working on the 1.7 support. We will still run our legacy 1.7 servers while that support is missing, you will just need to be on 1.8 to connect.

Survival News
The TEI Survival Team has been busting booty to go over suggestions and...