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The Enchanted Isle

by Tubaee at 1:20 AM
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The winners of the Build Challenge are -

Voters Choice -

So some of you have noticed, our fearless Dev @sgtcazeyt has been hard at work on the server. Hes fixed a load of nasty bugs in all areas/gamemodes.

He also has added a new game minimode to our HGs called CARS! - Yeah thats right, we get to ride around on DOGS! How Fun!

@frostyyy and Twighlighttehelf


And the winner of nuros choice is




Prizes should be awarded shortly.

Also If you are apart of @LinkRar secret santa more info is here -> http://officialtei.net/threads/8925/


ROLLER COASTERS is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep in mind that there could still be bugs so just use the forums to...
build december.png
by Tubaee at 2:24 PM
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Hello everyone!

Here are a few new announcements from the Admin Team -

We are hard at work to reduce the number of hackers on our server, and our first big step towards that is we are now ACTIVELY blocking VPNs from accessing our server.

In addition we are cracking down on alts from dispensers like McLeaks, and players found to be connected to these accounts can face being banned from the server, especially if those alts are connected to accounts that are found to be hacking.

That being said, we will forgive certain instances of alt accounts used for hacking on a case by case basis.

Next order of business *Building starts the 7th*
Its time to start building!

The Theme this month is-

Happy Holidays! - what the holidays mean to you. (keep it appropriate)

Im giving you freedom with this theme, its not a gamemode just a free build to try out this format....
by Tubaee at 1:13 PM
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Hey guys, Plots are assigned!!! REMEMBER you have 2 weeks to build to the theme. Also note if you have won voters choice more then once recently your plot will only be eligible for Nuro/Build Team Leader pick to give other builders a chance to get votes to win <3
november build.png

To get to your plot use /menu then the build challenge option.

Theme this month is....

WINTER WONDERLAND (hide and seek)

- your build needs be themed around a winter scene
- your build needs to be in the style of a Hide n Seek (use the full plot)
- Your build needs to include hiding spots for players

Not following the theme or requirements on your build will result in being removed from the challenge.

This is a team build challenge so please submit up to 4 IGNs (and forum usernames if they have one) of your build team.

We will only be accepting the first 25 submissions.

Winners receive -

- 500 Gems
- Head on Creative
- Head in Lobby...