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The Enchanted Isle

by Tubaee at 3:18 AM
(1,817 Views / 13 Likes)
Hi Everyone.

This months theme is.........

Disney Movie (built as a Hide and Seek map)

Thats right we are revisiting our popular disney theme!

Your build has to be from a disney movie and needs to include hiding places on the map for it to be counted as complete.

List of plots is as follows

build challenge.png

You can get to your plots with /p tp (id) - example /p tp 100;100
you can also get you the plots in /menu and then build challenge and then the plot number (plot names will be updated later)

YOU GET 2 Weeks to build so make sure you do the best you can!

Reminder of the Prizes

- 500 Gems
- Head on Creative
- Head in Lobby (with name)
- Plot moved to Winner/NC Plot
- Award on Forums (if they are on forums)
- Build Screenshot Featured on Twitter
- Featured on /menu

Good luck

Be Creative!

by Tubaee at 3:40 PM
(769 Views / 3 Likes)
Welcome to the June/July edition of our Players of TEI!!!

There has been quite a few posts on the forums/twitter with amazing stuff made by you guys!

I'm going to show off just a few and link more throughout the post, LETS GET STARTED!


First off we have some cute drawings from forum user - @Ronnie Ronco

Very cute Ronnie! You can view all their images here -> http://www.officialtei.net/threads/5337/


Next we have forum user @iMagicBearYT and his (now working) Rollercoaster!

You can visit and have a ride on his plot on creative - /p visit Luckehhh